About Us

The Tanzania  Insurance Brokers Association (TIBA) is a professional umbrella body which was established to ensure professional practices and ethics are maintained and practiced by all member companies as well as to lobby other stake holders for policies and regulations which are internationally acceptable and conducive to both local and international insurance markets.

  • Arusha
  • Lake Zone & Zanzibar

To be the most professional and respected business association in the region


To ensure a high level of professionalism and integrity among members”

To represent and protect the best interests of our insurance broker members and their customers.

TIBA strives to achieve this by:

  • Promoting the services and the value of members’ contribution to the protection of our members, guidance, access to risk management and insurance solutions and by influencing the relevant decision makers and policy writers that affect our sector
  • Maintaining and developing a stable business environment in which our members operate by keeping them informed of relevant issues, providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of non-competitive information
  • Supporting members both collectively and individually through a series of facilities and support services
  • By promoting, influencing, maintaining and supporting our members, we aim to help create an environment where members can deliver first class insurance solutions for their customers
About TIBA:
  • The Tanzania Insurance Brokers Association (TIBA) is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of insurance brokers and their customers.
  • TIBA represents approximately 96 member regulated firms including small, medium to large multinational insurance brokers employing around 800 staff countrywide
  • TIBA member firms all hold licence, issued by the Tanzania insurance Regulatory Authority, which enables them to deal in or advice on risk insurance products.
  • At regional level, TIBA is a member of the Council of east Africa Insurance Brokers Associations (EAIBA)
  • Insurance brokers arrange 67% of all insurance premiums translating into approximately 0.26% of GDP.
  • Insurance brokers put their customers’ interests first, providing advice, access to suitable insurance protection and risk management.
  • TIBA is the voice of the sector advising members, Government, regulators, consumer bodies and other stakeholders on key insurance issues


TIBA is committed to supporting its members by representing the interests of brokers and their members to government and regulators and promoting high levels of professionalism.


The work TIBA does in the interest of its members falls under three key pillars: representation; professionalism; and community.


TIBA strives to represent the interests of insurance brokers, on behalf of their clients (policyholders) to:  government; regulators; industry stakeholders; media; and the community, in a manner that is respected and relevant.


TIBA sets out to develop and promote high standards of professional practice for insurance brokers for the benefit of their clients and the community. This will be achieved through:
  • Industry relevant education and continuing professional development;
  • A membership that subscribes to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice; and
  • A framework for high standards of ethical and professional conduct by Members.


TIBA strives to:
  • Provide Members with opportunities to meet, share, learn, grow and prosper;
  • Promote the role and value of insurance brokers to the community; and
  • Promote insurance broking as a desire profession.