4th Annual Sports Day Event

04 Mar 4th Annual Sports Day Event

On 24th Feb 2018 Tanzania Insurance Brokers Association (TIBA) launched its 4th Annual Sports event which hosted sports like Football, Tennis, Snookers & Golf.

The TIBA call the was honored by entire insurance industry with more than 400 participants in the sports activities.

The Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) commissioner Dr. Saqware Bhagayo was the guest of honor and his visit during sports came as a surprise and was overwhelming to the industry sports players.

Besides following were the key highlights of the event:

  • Football had over 150 players
  • Golf had over 120 players
  • Snooker had 30 players
  • Tennis had over 80 players (Juniors, Seniors & Wheelchair tournaments)

The day was a huge success and at the end of the day, TIBA hosted a cocktail dinner party for all the participants and guests whereby honored the trophies and medals for the winners and runner-ups.

At this occasion, TIBA also announced following sponsorships:

  • TIBA sponsored 3 COP  scholarships to 3 students to study insurance at IFM and all tuition fully covered. The recipients of the scholarships are tennis coaches – 2 ladies and  gentleman
  • Metropolitan Insurance Tanzania sponsored for the tuition for a 3rd year student who is yet to be identified whose background is that either the parents/guardians passed on or is from a less privileged background. The idea to sponsor such a deserving student is to facilitate the completion of his/her studies at IFM. Metropolitan will pay Ths4,500,000 for both the tuition and accommodation. A dummy cheque for Ths 4,500,000 which was handed over to the Deputy Rector of IFM , Dr Emmanuel Mnazava


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